pafin Inc. (Co-chairman: Amin Azmoudeh and Gaku Saito), which operates “Your Web3 Sidekick” service defitact, has started support for Japan's public blockchain Astar Network offering a clear visualization of assets and transactions. 

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The global market size for blockchain technology is estimated to grow from USD 4.935 billion in 2021 to USD 227.896 billion by 2028 (*1).  The market size of blockchain services in Japan is also expected to reach JPY 724.76 billion by the fiscal year 2025 (*2), suggesting an increase in adoption among a wider audience.  

By simply entering your wallet address into defitact, you will be able to accutately assess your on-chain assets and transactions.

(1) Global Information Inc., "Global Blockchain Market Forecast"
(2) Yano Research Institute Ltd., “Survey on Blockchain Application Service Market”  

A proprietary smart contract dictionary covering over 2.8 million transactions  

In the last two years, defitact has expanded to identify over 2.8 million transactions, accelerating our response to the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) market (as of November 2023). Users can simply select a blockchain and register their wallet address, and the system will analyze the related transactions and automatically identify the nature of transactions behind asset movements.  

We will continue to expand support of frequently used blockchains and smart contracts to enhance the convenience of our service.  


About Astar Network  

Astar Network is Japan's first public blockchain and a platform for dApps, serving as a smart contract hub for the multi-chain era. It has many unique features, such as supporting not only Ethereum-compatible applications but also applications compatible with WebAssembly and dApp staking, a basic income feature. Supported by the world's top investors, such as Polychain, Binance, and Coinbase, Astar Network was the third in the world to connect to Polkadot in 2021.  


docomo and Astar Network collaborate for the proliferation of Web3